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Retirement Planning

Most clients primary retirement goal is to reach financial independence, but how do you define it?

We say this: forget whatever arbitrary numbers you’ve heard. Future market performance, medical and tax expenses, inflation, unexpected life events, and even your own longevity are impossible to anticipate since we don't live in a linear world. We have a better way to plan that doesn’t involve guessing about the future. Instead, we’ll:

  • —Focus on what impacts your wealth building potential.
  • —Map out a comprehensive plan to protect your assets and achieve your objectives.
  • —Evaluate the universe of retirement strategies available to you.
  • —Develop a plan to potentially maximize retirement income while aiming to minimize risks and taxes.
  • Help you understand the differences between investing and dis-investing.
  • —Give you access to our industry leading software program, The Living Balance Sheet® , to track your progress and help you stay on course.