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Our Unique Process

Consumers of all income and net worth levels often express feelings of confusion, frustration, skepticism, and sometimes even fear as they approach the subjects of wealth management and insurance.

As a group, they find themselves suffering from the drag of numerous cost of living pressures which often lead to multiple financial symptoms. For many, these factors remain a secret to them, and silently erode their protection, reduce their assets, increase their liabilities, and inhibit their lifestyle.

In addition, most people operate with a relatively high level of financial disorganization. This is because a person’s financial picture involves a host of insurance policies, legal documents, employee fringe benefits, savings vehicles, debt instruments, and securities products. Many people have to sift through mountains of information provided by multiple institutions and advisors to keep their affairs current and organized.

At John Driscoll & Company, we utilize an innovative internet based platform to examine these “real cost of living” factors, provide solutions to common financial symptoms, and create instant organization by offering a wide angle view of a person’s entire financial picture. This platform is referred to as The Living Balance Sheet®. It’s an organizational tool forged from a philosophy which states people cannot really be financially secure or successful without conserving important economic factors as they make their various financial decisions. The technology guided by a field representative, delivers a unique and powerful message through the proper fusion of philosophy, financial design strategy, and technology.